Sunday, 30 October 2011

I have moved my blog to Tumplr now - address above.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Finnish Design in London's Design week - listen to an interview of Finnish institute's director Hanna Harris.

Helsinki London Design Training Camp

Click the title of this blog and watch a video about the Design Export Seminar held in Helsinki

Hear our Arts & Culture Programme Director Hanna Harris' and Executive Producer of the London Design Festival William Knights insights about the seminar on 25. March.

The seminar brought together a group of international design professionals to share their insider knowledge about the design industry in London, Tokio and New York with Finnish designers. The seminar focused on how to build a international pr campaign, design sales and the legal aspects of design export.

The seminar was organised by Design Forum Finland in collaboration with the Finnish Institute in London, the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York and Finnish Institute in Tokio, Embassy of Finland, New York and Idealist Group.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

London Fashion Week goes digital; its tweeting time

This London Fashion Week, starting 16th September 2011, the British Fashion Council (BFC) continues to unite fashion and digital innovation, encouraging engagement with LFW through social media, live streaming and pioneering new technologies.

The BFC will be working closely with Twitter to promote conversation around London Fashion Week using the hashtag #LFW and by mentioning the official account @LondonFashionWk. The BFC will be engaging with designers and brands through the ‘Twitter Guide to London Fashion Week’, with helpful information on how to follow London Fashion Week in real time on Twitter. More comprehensive training will be offered to interested designers after LFW in dedicated digital seminars. Q&A sessions will be held over the 6 days of LFW from the @LondonFashionWk account. Tweeters can pose questions in real time to guests including Laura Bailey (BFC Cultural Ambassador), NEWGEN designer Louise Gray and Caroline Rush (BFC CEO), using the hashtag #AskLFW. The LFW Timeline will also take to Twitter, keeping track of the shows throughout the week with live updates of start times. Once again this season, highlights from the London Fashion Week Twitter feed will be showcased on the screens in the underground. Activity on the Underground is courtesy of CBS Outdoor UK.

The live streaming schedule continues to expand. This season 33 shows will be live streamed, 23 from the BFC Show Space at Somerset House, 7 courtesy of Topshop from their official venue Old Eurostar Terminal, Waterloo, as well as shows around town including Burberry Prorsum. Anyone can watch the shows at home or on the outdoor LED screen in the courtyard at Somerset House. New to Fashion Week this season is the BFC Cinema, showing all BFC Show Space live streams, as well as a dedicated film programme, with highlights including a day of films by NEWGEN alumni, a morning showcasing Estethica brands and an afternoon with Test Presents.

Aurasma will be bringing LFW to digital life this season. Aurasma is a new technology that’s capable of recognising images and objects in the real world and seamlessly integrating them with rich video content and audio. Using a smartphone, all the LFW visitor has to do is download the free Aurasma Lite app and then hold the phone over the LFW logo or image, at which point it will spring to life and bring you exclusive LFW video content.

The LFW Mobile Site means that users can access a quick and simplified version of the website while on the move via their smart phones – including the show and events schedules, designer database and guide to the best of London’s restaurants, bars and shops.

The BFC’s digital innovation strategy aims to harness technology and creativity to promote British designers to global audiences. A digital committee comprising Caroline Rush, CEO, British Fashion Council; Clara Mercer, Marketing Manager, British Fashion Council; Ben Hammersley, Editor-at-Large, Wired & Founder of Dangerous Precedent; Daniel Marks, Director, The Communications Store; Graham Fink, Creative Director, M&C Saatchi; Imran Amed, The Business of Fashion; James Grant, CEO, Starworks; Jane Boardman, CEO, Talk PR; Jason Knight, Krow Communications and Sojin Lee was established in 2010 to inform and develop the BFC’s digital offering.

To see the digital schedule visit

Monday, 12 September 2011

Jukka Hakulinen - a new Finnish designer in London

Exciting new Finnish fashion designer in London

Men and why not women too, get ready for autumn party season with these shimmering T-shirts.
Jukka Hakulinen is a cool underground name in London fashion scene

Directional menswear characterised by an amalgamation of dreams, visions and functionality, with influences drawn from simple and diverse aspects of the arts.

Pieces transcend seasons to form the basis of timeless, utilitarian design.

J. M. Hakulinen started out life making one-off jackets and selling through cult London store Beyond The Valley in Soho, before moving on to our current setup.

All J. M. Hakulinen t-shirts are hand-printed in Hackney, East London.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Ivana Helsinki cover for Vitalis

Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that since I last wrote here about Vitalis they've created a new trendy cover for their 75th birthday. And who else would be better to design it then Ivana Helsinki, one of the best known Finnish designers. I must say I still like the old retro look but perhaps this will sell better..

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Nerd Boyfriend - a fab site for men's clothes!

AH GOOD OLD SWEDES..they pretty much epitomise the nerd boyfriend look, n'est pas?
This guy looks pretty cool reading

Here is and interview with the site's creator Roxana Altamirano;

Nerd Boyfriend is a site that makes all bloggers jealous. Such a simple and perfect idea for a fashion blog, from the name down to the concept, we all wish we had come up with it first. Its creator, Roxana Altamirano posts great photos of our favorite male icons, not only to showcase their style and attitude, but also where you can buy the same look. Without overstating it, Roxana shows not only what is great fashion, but how to find a style you’re comfortable with. In a time where art direction is more about curation and attitude rather than narrative, Nerd Boyfriend stands out as a perfect example and inspiration for others.

Tim Moore – Nerd Boyfriend is one of the go to sites for vintage and thrift store shoppers, would you say that’s where your style lies?
Roxana Altamirano - Yes, definitely. Even before Nerd Boyfriend, I would always try to recreate ensembles from different time periods. But I should say Nerd Boyfriend has heightned my appreciation for designer collections.

How often do you incorporate some of the items you promote into your own style?
Not often since I’m female, though I’m always been a fan of boyfriend button downs and jeans. Last year was actually an excellent year for women boyfriend clothes.

When you were starting the site did you have any other names in mind or was it always Nerd Boyfriend?
I had the domain first, and I was just going to start a photoblog of people I admired. But then I realized how stylish the fellas were and it developed into a fashion blog.

Has Nerd Boyfriend opened any doors for you?
Mostly guest blogger invitations, which I really enjoy.

These days, do you have a lot of people sending you photos or ideas?
Yes, and I use many of them. When I started, I only posted guys I was in love with, but there’s only so many of those. Now I need all the help I can get.

What’s the nerdiest thing you’re into?
There are so many for every possible definition of the word. In the most popular sense – chess, code, British comedy. I watch Charlie Rose and Frasier sometimes.

What current designer(s) do feel really line up well with your own sense of style?
I like Kolor, Our Legacy, Hermes, Rodarte, Yuketen.

What’s a more common mistake you see when it comes to men and their wardrobe: Someone trying too hard or someone not caring enough?
I would say trying too hard.

What do you think is one of the easiest things a guy can do to improve his look?
Like himself more.

A lot of the people you post on the site are / were very fashionable people in general. So what is usually that thing that first grabs your attention about a particular look or image?
How well it reflects the person’s character.

On average how many sites do you have to go through to find all the pieces to match a look?
30 or so. It feels like I always use the same handful, but I do look around.

I think my favorites from your site would have be Jim Henson, Woody Allen, and Harrison Ford, what have been some of yours?
Those are also mine! no joke. I would also include Bowie, McCartney, Grandmaster Flash and all the architects. Jim Henson is definitely my #1 – not for the fashion, but for what’s really important in a Nerd Boyfriend – a creative genius who seems incredibly kind.

Is there something about menswear in particular that keeps you interested above other kinds of fashion?
People say menswear is limited. I find it very diverse and always surprising.

(Visit Nerd Boyfriend at